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Most Common Lawsuits Against Landlords in Fort Worth and How to Prevent Them

Derek DeGuire - Monday, May 14, 2018

Many of the most common lawsuits against landlords can be easily avoided. Today, we’re discussing those lawsuits and providing 10 tips for ensuring you do not find yourself in court.

Wrongful Eviction

One of the most common lawsuits is wrongful eviction. When landlords or professional property managers don’t follow proper procedures, it can result in wrongful eviction lawsuits. The policies and procedures for eviction vary from state to state and even city to city. Tenants can also sue for court costs and attorney fees. Make sure you have a valid reason for your eviction and follow the lawful procedures.

Breach of Quiet Enjoyment

This is a common lawsuit and probably the most abused provision of the residential lease. A tenant can sue you if there is an interruption of utilities such as electricity or water. You can also face a lawsuit when there is inappropriate entry into the property without timely notice. Violation of a tenant’s privacy through gossip is also a reason tenants might sue. Give tenants the privacy they deserve and give them due notice when you plan to enter the property.


Officials call this a breach of implied warranty of habitability. Landlords deal with this a lot and the best way to avoid it is to make sure your property is always livable. Address repairs in a timely manner.

Fair Housing

Fair housing laws are meant to prevent discrimination. Know exactly what you can and cannot say when you’re renting a property.

Here are 10 suggestions to prevent lawsuits:

  • Always do a proper tenant screening and treat all applicants fairly.
  • Always show respect to prospective tenants and actual tenants.
  • Document everything. Tenants do a better job of documenting than landlords.
  • Always keep tenants informed, even if a repair will take a few days. Lack of communication can often lead to lawsuits.
  • Always provide a safe and secure property.
  • Most Common Lawsuits Against Landlords in Fort Worth and How to Prevent ThemStay on top of repairs.
  • Know the law and property codes.
  • Always be available.
  • Reward good behavior. So much time is spent with problem tenants that we sometimes ignore good behavior.
  • Never be afraid to ask for professional advice.

If you have any questions about lawsuits and how to prevent them, please contact us at DeGuire Properties.