Submit Maintenance Request

Before Requesting Maintenance

For faster resolution, review the following list of suggestions before calling maintenance:

Monthly check and replace battery. Notify maintenance at once if not working.

Check and replace battery.

Check breaker panel, fuse box or GFI switches. Check and reset.

Push reset button on disposal or use an Allen wrench and turn.

Check thermostat on hot water tank. Is pilot light lit? Check breaker panel or fuses.

Check thermostat on tank and turn down.

Turn off water fixture under sink or toilet at valve and notify maintenance.

Try plunger. If still plugged call maintenance.

Remove hair from drain. Try plunger.

Check thermostat. Check button or pilot light. If gas unit, is pilot light lit? Breaker tripped?

Change air filter. (Do this on a regular basis). Check circuit breakers. Thermostat set too low? (Don’t set lower than 20 degrees of the outside temperature, unit will freeze up).

Clean food out of bottom of dishwasher. Clean float. Rinse dishes before washing. Use jet dry once a month. Jet dry prevents hard water build up.

Check thermostat, set correctly. Front and back grills clean? Clean out drain hole.

Check time-bake to be sure the setting on the unit are not preventing the oven from working. An oven set on time-bake WILL NOT HEAT.